Fantastic New Bands of The United Kingdom

Fantastic New Bands of The United Kingdom
Fantastic New Bands of The United Kingdom

Meet some of the most promising emerging artists in the UK, including Lucy Tun, Loshh, Tsunaina, and others, who persevered despite a ban on live performances. To say that the last year has been challenging would be an understatement. Because the small sums collected from streaming services mean that performances frequently account for the majority of a musician's revenue, this has been especially difficult for emerging performers. Because of the pandemic, livestreaming has become the standard, and many singers have achieved fame while never playing live. Rhythm of life musical is really important nowadays.

Kamal Kamal has been termed "Britain's answer to Billie Eilish" and has been likened to her. The 18-year-old from Harlesden, North West London, makes "mainly mournful, even when it seems euphoric" bedroom pop with an R&B flavor. He softly entered our attention as an introverted single homebody in the spring of last year, ideally timed for the global pandemic and offering the entire world something to connect to in songs about lost potential, routine, and staying in. "Things have been quite stagnant with Covid," and "I haven't been able to experience a true response to my music," to quote. But I'm hopeful that things will change shortly.

Kamal has been obsessed with music since he first picked up a ukulele in elementary school. He is inspired by a diverse spectrum of musicians, from Robert Glasper and Keaton Henson to his closest friends, and he is driven to succeed by the affection he receives from people around him. "Music, both as an audience member and as a creator, is a fantastic method for me to express myself," he explains. Kamal is preparing the release of his debut EP, which "sounds a bit different to my prior stuff, and one I'm quite delighted with," after making heavy use of that medium over the last year (including supplying close vocals to Dave's Mercury). On the other hand, he rarely develops long-term plans. Other priorities, I believe, can sometimes get in the way of the arts. Finally, all I want is to keep making music.

Butlins live music weekends
Butlins live music weekends

"There is this enormous valley with a river flowing through it where I grew up in Nepal," Tsunaina Tsunaina adds. There are endless monsoons, monasteries, swarms of people, and farmland. It's no wonder that the natural environment inspires the London-based multidisciplinary artist and model, whose music she refers to as "organic opera" and in which her ethereal vocals dance with the sounds of a harp, sarangi, and gamelan. You will feel something deep within you in the same way as Tsunaina was struck by "the strength, the overpowering emotion" when she saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali's legendary Bollywood film Devdas for the first time as a child.

Tsunaina is gearing up to release her debut EP, the name of which has yet to be revealed, following the success of her self-directed music video for "Waterways," which was shot in the English Lake District and featured Tsunaina performing beneath a waterfall in custom ASAI like some sort of river deity. "At its base, it's a tale of growing pains," she says, as a woman of color, an immigrant, a daughter, and a lover.

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Fantastic New Bands of The United Kingdom
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