The Society of Robert Farnon

Rober Farnon's meteoric rise to power

Canadian army

Even though he only joined the Canadian army as a private, he quickly rose through the ranks to become the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force arranger. It was clear that he was a talented musician at the highest level.

  • Relocation

Some time later, he and his family moved to England. Slowly but surely, he started composing and arranging incredible music. This was the time period in which many of his works were made available to the public. Jumping Bean" and "Portrait of a Flirt" are two of Robert Farnon's most well-known pieces of light music. He established his reputation as an actor in other mediums before moving into film.

Defining the Role of the Robert Farnon Society

The Robert Farnon Society's primary focus has been to use his music to spread awareness of the light music movement. For Robert Farnon's centennial year, the society is ramping up its efforts to revive the heyday of the master composer's work. The society hosts concerts featuring light music all over the world, as well as meetings and newsletters in London.

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