Robert Farnon filmography

Robert Farnon filmography
Robert Farnon filmography

The Film Stage's 23-Song "Phantom Thread" Mixtape by Paul Thomas Anderson, views all linked content Early roles in horror films for actors. You may not be aware that these performers got their start in horror films with original music.

In the United Kingdom, he founded the Robert Farnon filmography orchestra, which would regularly record for BBC Radio and Television, and he wrote a number of works for these mediums. He also arranged and recorded songs for many notable artists, including Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, and Tony Bennett, with whom he would have a long relationship through concert and television appearances.

 He composed scores for several films, but his most instantly recognisable compositions (at least to those of a certain age) are without a doubt his themes for the 1960s and 1970s television series, particularly "Panorama," as well as the war dramas "Colditz" and "Secret Army." His brightly coloured "Jumping Bean," romantic and relaxed "Westminster Waltz," and many other works became media "stock." Also, Armchair Theatre - long-running series of plays on ITV for which Farnon provided the theme music called "Proscenium'' and Panorama - the original theme music called "Openings & Endings" .

Films by Robert Farnon:

Most of Farnon's earliest film credits were as music arranger, conductor and/or music director, and sometimes his stock music or songs were used in films. However, he also scored several films including the following:

  • Just William's Luck - part of a short series of "Just William" films
  • William Comes to Town - also known as "William at the Circus"
  • Elizabeth of Ladymead
  • Paper Orchid
  • Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.
  • Springtime in Park Lane
  • Maytime in Mayfair
  • Circle of Danger
  • His Majesty O'Keefe - scoring the UK release
  • Let's Make Up
  • King's Rhapsody
  • Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes - musical starring Jane Russell
  • All for Mary
  • True as a Turtle
  • The Little Hut
  • The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
  • Expresso Bongo

Robert Farnon's TV music

Robert Farnon's Out of My Dreams: Popular Melodies - CD cover The original theme for the long-running television series "Panorama" was written by Robert Farnon. The theme was called "Openings & Closings," and it was used for the earlier shows beginning in 1953 and continuing through the 1950s and into the 1960s. In 1968, an adaptation from the fourth movement of Rachmaninoff's first symphony replaced the composer's music, and in 1971, a theme by French composer Francis Lai replaced it.

The last theme by Lai is probably the one most remembered by the British public. Farnon also wrote for music libraries, and some of his "stock music" has been used in films and television shows. Two of his tracks were stolen.

Two of his tracks from "Drumdramatics No.2" played an important role in Doctor Who Incidental Music when they were used in the story "The Tenth Planet," which introduced the Cybermen for the first time and saw William Hartnell regenerate into Patrick Troughton for the first time. "The Ren & Stimpy Show" and "SpongeBob SquarePants" have both used Farnon's "Nautical Trilogy" as theme music.

British Airways commissioned Farnon to write a piece of music for the inaugural flight of the first UK-built Concorde (the supersonic passenger plane built in collaboration with Air France) in 1969, and the result was the "Concorde March," whose recording was re-released in 2019 for the 50th anniversary.


The two popular light songs "Jumping Bean" and "Portrait of a Flirt," which were initially published in 1955 as the A and B sides on the same 78, as well as "Westminster Waltz" and "A Star is Born," are arguably what Farnon is best known for. [2]Additionally, Farnon composed the music for almost forty movies, including Captain Horatio Hornblower R. N. (1951).

Farnon has been a well-known orchestral arranger for vocalists since the early 1960s. The only Frank Sinatra album to be recorded outside of the US was in London in 1962, and he orchestrated and conducted it. Sinatra Performs Great British SongsHe also finished three complete classical symphonies, Cascades to the Sea, a concerto for piano and orchestra, Rhapsody for violin and orchestra, and Bassoon Concerto; he was hired to write the test piece for the 1975 Olympics. The Roxbury High School band commissioned him to write The Gaels: An American Wind Symphony in honour of the school's mascot, the Gael.

It was his final composition. In May 2006, the work had its international debut. It was played by the Roxbury High School Honors Wind Symphony, which was led by Farnon's close friend Dr Stanley Saunders. When Rádio e Televiso de Portugal television services debuted on 7 March 1957, his 1954 composition "Derby Day" was played. One of the station's anthems was made from it.

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