The rise of Robert Farnon

As a Captain in the Canadian army, he quickly rose to the position of Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force arranger. He demonstrated his prowess as a musician par excellence.


He later relocated to England with his wife and children. He gradually began arranging and creating some fantastic pieces of music. Many of his creations were released at this time. "Jumping Bean" and "Portrait of a Flirt" are two of Robert Farnon's best-known works in the light music genre. Before entering the world of motion pictures, he became well-known for other renditions. His score for films such as:

  • It's a Wonderful World (1956);

  • The Little Hut (1957);

  • and The Road to Hong Kong (1962).

The Robert Farnon Society's Mission

The primary goal of the Robert Farnon Society has been to popularize the light music genre by borrowing from his works. This is Robert Farnon's centennial year, so the society is doing even more to resurrect the master composer's golden era. The society organizes light music events throughout the year, as well as newsletters and meetings in London. The Robert Farnon Society is well-known for honoring musical legends such as:

  • David Ades;

  • John Barry;

  • Greg Francis;

  • and John Holiday.

Fan memorabilia and other items

Every classical music fan fears that the music of these musicians will be lost or damaged one day. However, this is where modern technological developers have stepped in and shared the best of Robert Farnon's music right there on the official website for fans to buy as CD's. Light music CDs, on the other hand, are available from 2003 to 2017 for buyers to choose from and listen to in the evenings. Each of these CDs contains a list of top films as well as the musical soundtracks that were featured in these films. "Moonlight becomes you" features songs by John Wilson and his orchestra. There are also compositions from the BBC Concert Orchestra, which has a fine selection of music to set the tone for a classical rendezvous. With such efforts, one can be confident that classical music is no longer in perilous waters.

Everything you need to know about working in mechanical construction services.

If you've ever considered working in mechanical building services, you're probably curious about the skills required, the responsibilities you'll face, and the industries that are hiring in this field. Everyone knows that people who work in building services are frequently overjoyed with their pay. If you are passionate about the construction industry, you are even luckier, because doing what you love - and being paid well - is essential for living the happiest, most satisfying life. Read on for a series of details about a job in mechanical building services:

Work activities

Working in the field of mechanical building services implies activities such as designing a layout which will properly distribute the energy wires, each water pipe and the entire ventilation system in a house. Someone who works in this field will also draw plans in specialized software to show the employer the exact outcome of the project. Trial and error tests are also implied in this job. Once the project outcome was tested, the building services worker will also make sure that each safety requirement is met, and no risk is implied in using the installation. In addition, someone who works in this field should also know how to handle teamwork, promote efficiency at work and compose reports for each activity handled.


If you want to hire in mechanical building services, there are many routes of education that are accepted. For instance, there are career paths for both people who graduated university and school leavers. Each person who graduated and obtained a degree in engineering and each person who has an accredited certificate in working in this domain should be able to find a job in building services. Of course, people with higher degrees and industry work experience will surely be advantaged when seeking for a job.